Empowering Expression

The unisex salon market lacks an offer designed around the needs and style of the individual and located outside the usual thoroughfare of Malls and hotels. This posed an opportunity for CHALK to break the mould and develop a brand that truly caters for individuals of both genders.

We developed the bold and uncompromising brand purpose ‘Empowering Expression’, headlining both the character of the stylist practicing their art in the salon and the expectations of customers. The brand purpose drove the development of a visual expression that breaks the conventional style of communications in this category and offers an experience that enables customers to express their individuality.

The name Chalk was also born from this need for self expression, presenting the brand as more than just a salon, but rather a mindset that is shared by the young millennials who are confident in their own skin.

A space to express yourself

One single brand mark could not represent all of Chalk's customers so we created a visual canvas that breaks the 'one size fits all' ideology. We introduced an illustration style and imperfect, handwritten fonts along with a black and white colour palette to communicate the brand personality. With a design language that is unique to Chalk, we designed product packaging and, working alongside Architects Studio M, we were able to influence the brand experience within the physical space.