Celebrating Movement

As the business was looking to diversify its ‘mobility’ offers beyond its core ‘taxi’ product, Dubai Taxi Corporation sought to develop a brand that made it stand out within a highly competitive market, and made it relevant to current and future audiences. 


The project presented three opportunities: To create a brand that was more human and inclusive; a brand to support diversification; and a brand that was more relevant to current audience expectations.

Together with Dubai Taxi Corporation we defined the brand purpose ‘Celebrating Movement’ - movement not just of people and goods, but of mindsets and behaviours, and of technological advancements in the sector. From this we developed propositions for each of its audiences, internal and external.

We changed the brand name to DTC, reducing the emphasis on 'taxi' as the business seeks to diversify its offering.  We worked on brand architecture and nomenclature to reorganise their entire product and service line up, and developed a bold and connected expression that makes the DTC brand truly stand out in the marketplace.

Connection to the place

The focus of the brand expression is inspired by Dubai and driven by the purpose. We zoomed into various areas within the city and created bold patterns based on the street formations to give us a unique visual element with which to build the brand language.