Aligning 13,000+ employees

Following a recent rebranding of the group, the business was looking to align internal ‘employee’ programs with the ‘one ENOC’ mindset.


With this in mind, we developed an internal ‘programs’ architecture with a key set of principles and decision tree to help the business to objectively: determine what constitutes a program; inform and guide the creation of new programs; transition existing programs to the new design system.

From disconnected to a seamless language

Most of the programs had existing logos which their members were attached to. We knew we would have to retain an identity for each program whilst at the same time reinforcing the new Enoc brand.


Our solution was an illustrative design language based on the composition and colours of the Enoc brand. Each program was given a new 'identity' from this illustrative design system. This approach helped support the rebrand by building consistency and deeper relationships with its internal audiences.