Opening minds through art

Today Mattar Bin Lahej is one of the most prominent artists in the Middle East with works that adorn Royal Palaces, Galleries, Museums, Hotels, Corporate environments, and homes.

After years spent honing his craft and nurturing young talent to find their true calling in the world of the arts, Mattar needed to re-define what he stood for and what made him stand out.

We developed the brand purpose ‘Opening Minds’. This was born of Mattar’s vision for how art can change perceptions and influence society. The purpose also reflects his drive to make art accessible to all.

This was supported by a brand story, personality and visual expression, that helped Mattar establish himself in the mindset of a broader captive audience, and build relationships that go beyond the arts into education, monument and building design.

The expression is built directly from the purpose of Opening Minds. Mattar’s logo is a simple series of dots which 'open up' to showcase his artwork, his thoughts, his inspiration.