Authority to Experience

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was set up in 2005 as Dubai’s transport and mobility entity. Today, it is one of the world’s most innovative entities in the transportation and mobility category.


The RTA’s challenge, despite the launch of many firsts in products and services, was that it was primarily being perceived as an Authority, there to regulate the category and impose fines, rather than as an experience.


Together with an ambitious client team we helped define the brand purpose ‘Make. Move. Transform’. ‘Make’ embodies RTA’s core as an engineering entity. It is a more human articulation of what they do in terms of building and creating products, infrastructure and experiences. ‘Move’ refers to the movement of people. ‘Transform’ signals that RTA is continuously evolving and affirms their role in shaping the future of Dubai.

We delivered a connected and human visual expression that tells the story of a shift from ‘Authority’ to ‘Experience’. To ensure clarity in all aspects of the visual language we worked with specialists in each area of communication. The expertise of Design Director Marie Succar, Illustrator Adrian Johnson, Arabic typographer Pascal Zoghbi and Mapmaker Jug Cerovic combined to create a brand with far greater focus on user experience.  The authority will always be there but it’s the delivery of ‘experiences’ which the brand will now focus on.