Dubai's Travel Companion

In a fast-moving environment such as Dubai, access to information about travel options that is instant, easy to use, attractive to customers and authoritative, is vital. Therefore, a one-stop shop acting as a personal mobility assistant is key to offer citizens “easy access to all mass transit systems through a single window.”

Using RTA’s exhaustive data on its local market, an in-depth review of global mobility trends and benchmarking of key global players in the ‘integrated mobility space’, we developed the strategic platform, name, UX and UI design and visual expression for S’hail

Our key focus was to design an experience that placed the individual at the heart of the brand and so we developed a brand proposition that makes S’hail ‘the personal mobility companion that empowers users to design their own worry-free experiences’.

Having the individual at the heart of the experience meant making the experience fluid and easy. So we designed a UX and UI that made using S’hail intuitive, engaging, supportive and inspiring.


We worked closely with Hacon, Siemens and Roland Berger continuously prototyping and refining the design system to ensure that every level of the App delivered a simple and intuitive user interface.