Inspiring new realities

With ambitions to make a mark globally, Smart Dubai’s challenge was threefold. No one really understood why it was there, let alone what it did. It was unclear whether it was a policymaker or a tech company. It appeared as three different organisations making it difficult to navigate.

Together with an ambitious client team we defined the brand purpose, ‘Inspiring New Realities’. With the belief that anything is possible, the purpose is Smart Dubai’s guide to driving new thinking, to open new horizons and disrupt the status quo.  


We merged the organisation from 3 distinct entities into one, making Smart Dubai the clear focus. A bold expression helped to drive this sense of connection and communicate the new brand purpose. We reorganised their entire product and service portfolio bringing greater consistency and clarity to the business.  A 200+ employee engagement programme set the brand on a new path, and marked the beginning of new relationships with their audiences.

More than just a Happiness Meter

Smart Dubai was strongly associated with the cities Happiness meter but beyond that no-one really understood what they did. 

We developed a visual language based on the original Smile logo to help communicate how Smart Dubai has an impact on every aspect of peoples daily lives in Dubai, from transport and payments to healthcare and education. 

From 3 organisations to 1

By merging the organisation from three distinct entities into one we made Smart Dubai the clear focus. By re-designing the portfolio of Smart Dubai products we ensured that it's clear they all come from the same family.