Brand that inspires you to challenge yourself

The challenge was clear, to set a powerful platform from which to build the Untraceable brand and fuel its growth.


Untraceable’s ambition was to make a difference in people’s lives; help people better themselves; take people on a mental, emotional and physical journey they could not have imagined; push the individual to discover things about themselves they did not know; and ultimately make a positive impact on society.

To help Untraceable achieve those ambitions we developed the brand purpose ‘Be the difference’.

The brand language was inspired by Untraceable founder Tracy Harmoush and her courage in walking away from a career in banking to set up on her own.


The design is led by a bespoke font, built from the corners of the Untraceable logo, which creates a controversial visual appearance to the brand. This is supported by a no nonsense tone of voice, imploring people to push themselves further, challenge themselves and take a risk.