Our thoughts

Feel free to look elsewhere

When budgets are cut, branding is the first to go, but is that right?

Cut costs but at what cost?

Cost cutting at the expense of customer experience could prove to be very costly in the long run.

Who are you trying to fool?

Just like a child, brands need nurturing after an initial launch.

Do what is right for the business

Focus on what is right for the business and not what will help you leave a mark.

It's not in the appearance

Don't confuse appearance with meaning. Brands need to focus on building long-term relationships.

Making room for the individual

Focus on people rather than their output to draw most value from them.

Brand as veneer?

We see real opportunity lost when brand is used as a fresh coat of paint to show change.

Just do, don't say

Why is everyone making promises and not delivering on them?

Lead, don't command

There is a destructive impact of bad leadership on the people of an organisation.

Stop beating around the bush

There's a huge difference between talking and communicating.

What you put in is what you get out

Five steps to selecting a branding partner.

My job, not a job

Align your team to the organisation's purpose for them to feel pride in their job.