December 04, 2018

My Job, Not a job

We’ve all heard about the janitor at NASA who said his job was to help put man on the moon, or the plumber who said his job was to keep his community healthy. However humble the occupation, these individuals understood there was a higher purpose in what they did because what they did was valued by the people they worked for.

There is a fine line between saying ‘it’s just a job’ and ‘it’s my job’, between ‘I’m delivering on my KPIs or my contract’ and ‘I’m going beyond what is required because it’s the right thing to do’, between ‘just doing’ and ‘being accountable and responsible’ for what you are doing.

That ‘between’ is the difference a business can make by investing in, supporting and placing real value on the individual in order to inspire and encourage them to do the best they possibly can.

We help our clients define and nurture behaviours for their business, in order to create purpose driven brands that impact on the business and society, for the long term.

Stefano Ferro

Managing Partner