December 10, 2018

Brand as veneer?

There is a real struggle in the Middle East region between the ambition to ‘challenge the status quo’ and the more natural propensity to ‘carry on as usual’. This is driven, on the one hand, by a sense that fitting in is more important than standing out, and on the other hand, by the need for self-preservation of the individual vs the needs of the business.

We see real opportunities lost as businesses use brand as veneer, as a coat of paint to show change in direction, when in fact all they are doing is paying lip service to promises that will never become reality.

Real change isn’t just about changing what you wear but also changing the way you think and the way you do things – so shifting mindsets and behaviours to achieve new ambitions.

We help our clients drive real change across their business, in order to create purpose driven brands that impact on the business and society, for the long term.

Stefano Ferro

Managing Partner