December 12, 2018

Just do, don't say

We’re so used to picking up the phone and hearing the words “yes it will be delivered tomorrow”, or “yes it will be done within two days”. As a society we’ve got to the point where we know these are just empty promises, that the package will not arrive tomorrow and my dry cleaning will not be ready within two days. And yet we accept it. Why? Because everyone is the same, making the same promises and never delivering on them? So why stress, why worry?

Brands use messages to pull you in but it’s very often just talk. It’s like telling your child they can have that ice cream tomorrow, hoping they’d forget about it because you’re just not going to get it for them.

Deep and long lasting relationships are based on mutual and reciprocal respect born from a promise delivered again, and again, and again. You break that promise and someone else is ready to pounce and take your customer away from you.

We help our clients develop a ‘do’ culture, in order to create purpose driven brands that impact on the business and society, for the long term.

Stefano Ferro

Managing Partner