November 26, 2018

Do what is right for the business

I have three sons in their teens and like most other children they grew up saying “I don’t like it” whenever a bit of green appeared on their plate. It might have been good for them, but for no reason at all, they just didn’t like it. Of course, a child has little perspective on the impact of a decision in the long run, for them it’s about the now, not what is to come.

This, however, is a recurring challenge in business where there is a predisposition to focus on what an individual may or may not like, as opposed to taking decisions that are right and necessary for the organisation. We have become so accustomed to making sure we fit in, because we care so much about what others think, that we forget to focus on what is right for the long term, preferring to opt for what makes us look good in the short term.

Sometimes it’s driven by personal ambition, or the wish for an individual to leave his or her own mark, when what the business really needs is for an outcome that is best designed to help it achieve its ambitions for the long term – whether it’s about the image of the business, its culture, capabilities or offer.

Stefano Ferro

Managing Partner