December 17, 2018

Lead, don’t command

I was in conversation just the other day on the destructive impact of bad leadership on the individual. A poignant observation was that too often we see leaders who are more preoccupied with how they are seen to be performing rather than allowing for any judgement on their performance to be an outcome of the service they give to their team or employees.

These leaders tend to use ‘command’ as the primary tool to establish and maintain their position of power. They lead by nurturing a culture of fear rather than creating a culture of pull where the leader leads by example. They shy away from accountability towards their staff, reject any failings on their part or part of their leadership team and dump any wrongdoing onto the people they should be looking after and serving – their employees.

There are three critical factors they fail to address. 1. Allow your leadership team to lead, not just carry out orders; 2. Listen to and be accessible to the people you lead, there is no better way to truly understand what goes on; 3. Recognise when things go wrong and be the first to put your hand up and take responsibility.

We help leaders lead by example, in order to create purpose driven brands that impact on the business and society, for the long term.

Stefano Ferro

Managing Partner