November 29, 2018

It's not in the appearance

We’ve all heard the expression ‘never judge a book by its cover’. Some may have heard the phrase ‘bella figura’, literally meaning ‘fine presence’ or ‘fine figure’. Both refer to the external appearance of an object, person or brand, with little indication of what’s really behind that look or design.

The great thing about looking good is that it gets you noticed, it gets you talked about, it enables you to make a mark, however small. And this is the trick many brands fall for, that of confusing appearance with meaning. Just because you look good it does not translate into meaning anything beyond what people assume from seeing your outer appearance. So it’s short lived.

In order to build a deep and long lasting relationship with its audiences, a brand needs to first be clear on what it stands for in order to stand out. It needs to be clear on its purpose and so why it’s audiences should forge a relationship with it rather than any other brand.

We help our clients define their why, in order to create purpose driven brands that impact on the business and society, for the long term.

Stefano Ferro

Managing Partner